The most popular (and most unusual) pet names of 2008!

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A Buddy up for adoption at  Lake Shore Animal Shelter in Chicago

Sure, a list of most popular baby names is always a hit, but who can resist a list of the most popular dog and cat names — or the quirkiest pet names?

For the second year in a row, Buddy is the No. 1 name among Petfinder’s 145,242 adoptable dogs, with Max coming in again as No. 2.

Of the 140,269 cats on Petfinder, the No. 1 name is Lucy, just barely beating Molly,
which jumped from No. 10 to the No. 2 slot this year. See the full lists below.

As for unusual pet names, they certainly grab the attention of folks looking to adopt. In fact, they sometimes help get our furry friends into homes even faster. One Petfinder member, Forever Home Rescue New England in Walpole, MA, had trouble finding a home for a dog named Buck. After they changed his name to Joe the Plumber during election season, more people began viewing his picture and he was quickly adopted.

A “very sad-looking dog” named Woe Izmee and a family of cats dubbed Domino, Ditto, Etcetera, And-so-on and And-so-forth ranked highest in originality in our survey of more than 12,000 shelters and rescue groups in the Petfinder network. You can see the full list of the most unusual names and group names after the jump.

So what is the most unusual name you’ve ever given to one of your pets? Let us know in the comments.

lucy cat.jpg

Lucy the cat is waiting for her forever home at the Animal Outreach Society in McHenry, Ill.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Names
1. Buddy (805)
2. Max (620)
3. Daisy (588)
4. Jack (520)
5. Lucy (496)
6. Molly (476)
7. Charlie (431)
8. Sadie (415)
9. Jake (407)
10. Lucky (405)
Top 10 Most Popular Cat Names
1. Lucy (354)
2. Molly (328)
3. Oreo (320)
4. Kittens (318)
5. Smokey (315)
6. Princess (312)
7. Shadow (310)
8. Tigger (310)
9. Angel (309)
10. Missy (301)

mclovin dog.jpg

He IS … McLovin (and he’s waiting for you at the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area in Pennsylvania

Top 10 Most Unusual Names
1. Woe Izmee
2. Gwyneth Poultry (a duck)
3. SoSueMe
4. 54cent Swee’T
5. Iamaredneckwoman
6. Angry Chef Soup
7. Ms. Cornflake Especially
8. Bon Jo Flea
9. McLovin
10. Joe the Plumber
Top 10 Most Unusual Group Names
1. Domino, Ditto, Etcetera, And-so-on and An-so-forth
2. Ebay, Google, Yahoo and Spam
3. Felony, Warrant and Trespass (in honor of the police department, which supervises the shelter)
4. The Xerox puppies
5. Chiclit, TicTac, Extra, Wrigley and BigRed
6. Elbow-Toe and Neck Face
7. Sara, Andi and Patti (“Serendipity”)
8. Footloose and Fancy Free
9. Noodle, Macaroni and Spaghetti
10. Barney Miller, Nicole Miller and Sienna Miller (all rescued from puppy mills)