Member Spotlight: Finding homes for pet pigs

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gilly pig.JPG

Gilly, a 12-year-old male, is up for adoption at Pig Placement Network

If there’s one thing that makes everyone say “awww,” it’s a piglet. However, we all know that piglets don’t stay tiny for long!

For the less-than-educated pet parent who mistakenly adopts a piglet believing s/he will stay small, or for those who’ve had changes in lifestyle or location, pig rescues are in demand.

The Pig Placement Network in Sewell, NJ, works hard to promote domesticated pigs as pets and offers education not only to new and existing pet pig owners, but also to animal professionals such as veterinarians and shelter staffers. 

Their Web site offers a helpful questionnaire to help preemptively answer concerns from would-be pig adopters. Did you know that pigs can live up to 20 years or that pigs like to bury themselves in blankets when they sleep?

Visit Pig Placement Network on Petfinder.

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