Member Spotlight: A soft spot for pets with shells

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turtle photo

Lian is a special-needs red-eared slider for adoption from MATTS

As it gets colder and colder and we bundle up in our warmest layers, what about the cold-blooded animals who are always wearing their “coats” — turtles and tortoises?

Mid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society in Baltimore operates mainly as a conservation organization, but also provides rescue and adoption services to needy shelled friends.

Handling anywhere from 100-200 animals a year, MATTS is dedicated exclusively to turtles and tortoises. In addition to conservation and rescue, MATTS works hard to keep turtles and tortoises in their existing homes.

Because many people purchase these hard-shelled animals without proper knowledge or education, MATTS helps to provide their caretakers with information about how to best care for them.

Visit MATTS on Petfinder.

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