Member Spotlight: Rescuing and rehabilitating unwanted donkeys

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Four-year-old Sassy and her foal, Ariel, are adoptable from Longhopes

Ears! That’s the first thing I think of when I look at the great pictures on Longhopes Donkey Shelter’s pet list on Petfinder.

Housing approximately 30 donkeys at any given time, the Bennett, CO-based rescue was started a decade ago and has been instrumental in rehoming more than 300 donkeys.

Founder Kathy Dean started up Longhopes after she tried to find donkeys to adopt, but could not because unwanted donkeys were routinely sold for slaughter. Today, many of her adoptable donkeys were saved from the slaughter truck (check out her page of dramatic before-and-after photos).

For the donkeys that are housed at the shelter, sponsors can step in and help support a specific animal’s care. The E.A.R.S. (Education and Rehabilitation Sponsorship) program connects the resident donkeys with donors who, for $30 a month, care for them until they find an adoptive home. This program allows donkey admirers near and far to take part in their care.

Visit Longhopes Donkey Shelter on Petfinder.

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