Joe Biden says he’ll adopt a shelter dog!

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biden2.JPGVice president-elect Joe Biden made news (and caused a lot of controversy) when he bought a German shepherd puppy from a breeder recently.

But this weekend he said on This Week With George Stephanopoulous that he plans to get another dog — and this one will come from a shelter.

Biden told Stephanopoulos that he was partial to German shepherds,
but that he had always had two “big dogs” as companions for each other.

“I’ve had German shepherds since I was a kid, and I’ve actually
trained them and shown them in the past,” Biden said in the interview.
“So I wanted a German shepherd, and we’re going to get a pound dog,
which my wife wants, that is hopefully a golden” retriever (

golden retriever.jpg

Autumn, is adoptable from Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary in Capon Bridge, WV

Of course, since Mrs. Biden wants a golden retriever, I happen to know of a great little Web site called Petfinder where she can search rescued pets by breed, location and more! There are currently 2,600 golden retrievers and golden mixes available for adoption on Petfinder.

The Bidens can also work with one of our 63 golden retriever breed rescues, such as Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland in Valley Lee, MD (if they want to look near their home in the capital), or Golden Retriever Adoption Placement and Education in Springfield, PA (if they want to stay closer to their home state of Delaware).

My suggestion? A female dog (since their shepherd puppy is a male) who is young enough to show the puppy the ropes when it comes to housetraining and “indoor behavior,” but young enough to romp and play with him to his heart’s content. Whatever dog the Bidens adopt, I wish them all the best with their growing family!

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