Disappointing news: Joe Biden buys a puppy

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Vice president-elect Joe Biden bought a puppy from a Pennsylvania breeder of German shepherds yesterday. According to Biden spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander:

[H]e’s familiar with the breed and its personality. He’s excited to bring it home
when it gets a little older and has promised that his grandchildren can
name it after the New Year. (DelawareOnline.com)

This is clearly disappointing news to all of us who’ve dedicated our lives to getting homeless pets out of shelters.

Now I’m not against buying dogs *in theory* — everyone in animal welfare wishes we lived in a world where there were no animal shelters because every pet was in a loving home for its entire life. There would be no unwanted litters, no pets being abandoned because their owners wouldn’t or couldn’t care for them. In that world, you’d HAVE to buy a dog.

But that’s just not the world we live in.

In the *real* world, there are at this moment more than 7,670 adoptable German shepherds and German shepherd mixes and more than 8,700 adoptable shepherd mixes waiting for their forever homes on Petfinder.

Biden loves purebred sheps, you say? And he for some reason needed to get a dog in Pennsylvania? Well he would have been in luck, had he checked Petfinder: We’ve got two Shepherd-specific rescue groups in the state: Save a Shepherd Rescue Alliance in Hatfield and German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern PA in Philadelphia.

Biden wants a puppy, you argue? Well a quick search on Petfinder turns up plenty of adorable baby sheps, including Donder (right), at a rescue in Coatesville, PA, a mere 25 miles from Biden’s breeder.

Let’s hope that the famously gaffe-prone Biden realizes his mistake and adopts a shelter pooch to keep his new puppy company. And let’s hope that Obama does a better job choosing his own family pet.

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