A moving story of an ‘un-pretty’ senior pet finding a home

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senior boston terrier.jpg

Granny Annie may be missing a leg,
but she’s got plenty of love to give.

In a recent blog post, Humane Society of the United States president and CEO Wayne Pacelle writes that he has a special place in his heart for people who adopt senior pets. As the parent of several longevity-blessed pets, I couldn’t agree more!

Pacelle posts a letter from blogger Mary Lattanzio about seeing an adoptable three-legged Boston terrier online. Granny Annie was estimated to be about 5 years old. Mary decided to foster her, and went to meet her at her local Florida shelter.

And there she was. Much older than five. Maybe 500. She was scarred
on her flanks. Her forehead looks like it was cleaved at one time.

trailed a long cyst sack that swung when she walked. It was heavy. She
is missing a front leg. She hobbles; has lumps, bumps and warts all
over. She is gray-faced. …

Granny Annie is no beauty. … But inside that scarred interior lives a shining,
golden heart and endless sweetness of character. I was planning to
foster her so that she would not be euthanized. Who would want her?

It turned out that I did. To a house full of dogs and cats, she fit
right in. If your heart is set on a dog, please adopt one, and don’t
forget the older ones who aren’t pretty anymore; or the black ones who
are seldom adopted because of their color. If they have special needs,
they have lessons to teach you; like courage, inner strength, patience,
gratitude and above all, love. (Read the full post on Pacelle’s blog.)

love this story, and couldn’t agree more with its message. This holiday
season, don’t forget the older pets who may find it a little harder to
rest their tired limbs in a cage in a shelter.

These pets may
have given years of love to an owner and then found themselves alone
through no fault of their own. They don’t ask for much — just a soft
bed and some company — but they’ll pay you back with immeasurable love.

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