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Member Spotlight: A ferret rescue and resource in Texas



Shadow is up for adoption from Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue

Everyone knows that there are adoptable cats and dogs on Petfinder — but we list many other homeless pets in need as well. One example: ferrets.

One of the liveliest household animals, ferrets can always keep their pet parents entertained with their antics. But when households have questions about the care of ferrets or can no longer care for the pet, there are ferret-specific rescue groups with expertise that can help.

Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue is part of the Ferret Lovers Club of Texas, a group that provides expertise to the general public, pet stores and existing and potential ferret parents. This is an invaluable service that not only strengthens the bond ferret guardians feel to their pets, but can also offer the support needed to help a ferret stay in his or her current home. But when ferrets are in need of re-homing, the rescue division of the club steps in and helps.

Visit Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue on Petfinder.

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