Member Spotlight: A loss for all animals

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IngelaBlog.jpgWhen a fellow animal rescuer dies, the loss is felt by every
person and animal touched.

On November
13, 2008, longtime animal rescue advocate Ingela Levett passed away after a
long battle with leukemia. After her
retirement form the corporate world, Ingela devoted her life to animal rescue,
creating Rawhide Rescue in 2001.

Based out of New Jersey, Ingela worked hard to create a phenomenal
network of volunteers and foster homes across the state with the mission of
saving homeless dogs.

The organization
she created has re-homed thousands of dogs since it began. In addition to helping the animals, Ingela
inspired countless people to become involved in animal rescue.

On behalf of everyone at Petfinder, we are honored to have
known and worked with Ingela.

Visit Rawhide Rescue on Petfinder.

Do you know a shelter or rescue group
doing something creative and/or different? Let us know at

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