Member Spotlight: NYC’s ACC Safety Net Program

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Aislin is a sweet 9-month-old puppy who loves people and other dogs. She’s up for adoption at the AC&C.

With lots of people come lots of animals. New York City’s Animal Care & Control handles about 44,000 animals each year. To try to keep those numbers as low as possible, it created the Safety Net program.

Designed to help pets stay in their homes, Safety Net offers many kinds of assistance, including free and low cost behavior and training advice for dogs and cats, low-cost temporary boarding during times of crisis, free legal guidance for pet-related landlord/tenant issues, allergy information, lower-cost vet care for those on restricted incomes and more.

While your local group may not be able to implement all of these services, even one or two of them may make a big difference for the animals in your community.

Visit NYC Animal Care & Control on Petfinder.

More about Safety Net:
Don’t write off people surrendering their pets to shelters.

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