After nearly giving up, finding the (possibly) perfect dog

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Izzy, a 2-year-old basset hound/lab mix, was a strong candidate

When we last heard from A Dog Named Christmas author Greg Kincaid, he and his wife Michale Ann had decided to adopt a shelter dog — then realized they had very different ideas about what makes the ideal dog. Read all of Greg’s posts here.

I tried to
explain the concept of the dog I wanted in perfectly simple terms. “I want a dog that looks like he can discuss
the finer aspects of elk hunting and is potty trained for a bass boat.”

My wife looked
at me strangely and said, “But you don’t hunt and don’t own a bass boat.”


Her head cocked
to one side. “Yes?”

“This dog has to
say MAN all over it. This has to be a dog
that can carry my fishing pole …”

“Even though you
don’t fish?”

“Precisely. This
dog should jump excitedly within 100 yards of a shotgun hanging in the
back of pick-up truck.”

“That you don’t

“Right. Do you understand now?”

“Not really.”

Over the next
few days, I sent Michale Ann a flurry of e-mails suggesting dogs posted on Petfinder who looked well-suited for me, including Izzy, a 2-year-old basset hound/lab mix waiting for a home at Heart of America Humane Society in Kansas City, KS.


Lucky was cute, but not quite the “manly” dog Greg was looking for.

Each time, I got the
same answer: “The dog has possibilities.”

In other words,
Michale Ann still thought I was nuts. When I
came home from work that night, the computer screen was accidentally left
on. Lucky, a poodle-dachschund mix at Kansas’s Olathe Animal Control, was waiting for me.

Well, maybe the concept of me getting the dog I wanted
just wasn’t going to work out. I could
always wait for another walk-on.

She came into the room and asked, “What did
you think of Lucky?

“He has

anika.jpg“Not what you

Anika, a hound/lab mix at The Animal Rescue Alliance in Kansas City, MO, was more like it.

“Maybe we’re not
ready for another dog.”

“We’re not on
the same page, are we?”

“Not even

The next day,
when I got to work, a link to Anika‘s profile was in
my e-mail, with a short note from Michaele Ann: “Is this more like it?”

That was a dog! I shot back a quick note. “I think she has a lot more than possibilities. I think she looks terrific!”

The search was back on!