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Whale Wars: How far would you go to save animals in danger?



Sea Shepherd Conservation Society quartermaster Shannon Mann

For many of us who love animals, “Save the Whales” were probably the first words we ever learned that showed us protecting other creatures could be a collective and even political effort.

But as we got older and started taking action close to home and saving the dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, etc. — and as laws such as the Endangered Species Act were passed and society in general became more aware of ecological and animal-welfare concerns — well, we probably figured the whales were okay.

Well, guess what? They’re not.

The Japanese are still hunting whales by the thousands, under the banner of research (i.e. using a legal loophole — you can learn more about the controversial practice here).

Petfinder’s sister company, Animal Planet, has been documenting the efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a fearless group of activists who quite literally put themselves between the harpoons and the whales in order to save these giant, gentle creatures.

It’s incredibly intense, and got me thinking about how far I would go
to save an animal. I’ve certainly made many sacrifices — but would I
risk death? In the upcoming episode of Whale Wars, on tonight at 9 EST, two Sea Shepherds volunteer to board the whaling ship, where they’re promptly taken hostage.

Want to fight whaling a little more safely? Find out how to write to the governments of pro-whaling nations such as Japan, Norway and Iceland.

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