Congrats to Petfinder friend Regan Smith!

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regan smith.jpg

Regan Smith

NASCAR rookie Regan Smith is walking away with this year’s Raybestos Rookie of the Year Award. Regan is the first Raybestos Rookie of the Year winner to have
finished every race he started — that means he managed to not wreck his car!
That’s a BIG accomplishment for a rookie.

Regan became a friend of Petfinder when he joined us at the Texas Motor Speedway in April to sign autographs for fans. He’s a terrific guy and a terrific driver with a real passion for homeless pets.

Regan shares his home in Mooresville, NC, with three Dobermans, two of them rescues (see photo after the jump) and countless foster dogs and cats.


Regan’s beloved Dobies

Regan’s mom, Lee (who is also the president of Regan Smith Racing), says, “Regan’s office, home and bus are always filled with animals in need.” Lee is the VP of Petfinder member The Humane Society of Iredell in North Carolina.

Regan’s ride for 2009 isn’t sewn up yet, but we know that whatever team he drives for will be really lucky to have him and, more importantly, the animals of NASCAR nation are lucky to have him too.