Check out these adorable ugly-pet-sweater photos!

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Last week we asked you to send us your ugly pet sweater pics. The results were even cuter than we could have expected! Here are some samples.

lori renner.jpgLori Renner writes: “Thank goodness Kasey doesn’t fit in this anymore!” (We think Kasey looks adorable!)

Mimi (3).JPGAngela M. Shatzer of Carolina Poodle Rescue in Spartanburg, SC, writes: “Here is one of our Chinese Crested dogs at our shelter. She’s so sweet. One of our kennel workers call her ‘Hot Momma.’ She loves to hug her leg all day long.”

mrs murphy.jpgMegan Goetz writes: “Mrs. Murphy is ready for the holidays! Cheers!”

landon2.jpgAmanda Tredway writes: “This is Landon, a Yorkie mix. He is currently up for adoption through PPAWSS, Promoting Pet Adoptions and Welfare in Sulphur Springs (Texas). Thanks, I hope you enjoy!”

See even more adorable pups in ugly sweaters after the jump!

Isabel's Sweater 3.jpgCheyenne writes: “We call her Tubba Lubba because she’s such a love hound, but Isabel
definitely looks like a chub of sausage in this sweater. I hate to (not
really) dress her up, but she’s rubbed all the hair off her belly and
her armpits … Really, the sweater is for her own good! My husband hates
it because it’s pink, but I love it. She looks so cute! But I realized
we had to get something more comfortable fitting when her diet didn’t
work — it looked like the sweater was starting to cut off her
circulation. She gets depressed when I start putting clothes on her — she
immediately gets in her bed and tries to sleep. So now I only “torture”
her if it’s really, really cold out (and then she doesn’t seem to mind
so much).”

Bella.jpgMegan Fisher writes: “This is my baby Bella! She is a lab/pit bull mix I adopted from the
Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society (in Kentucky). We call this her ‘Cosby
Sweater.’ She loves it!”