A sick, abandoned puppy’s incredible before & after pics

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montana sick2.jpg

Montana had demodectic mange, a non- contagious, treatable condition common in pups who’ve had poor nutrition or stress

Last month we told you about Montana, the puppy abandoned by the side of a road in Georgia, malnourished and suffering from mange and parvo, who was rescued by Kaci Deater of Statesboro, Ga.

You left such nice comments that we had to send them to Kaci. She sent us this letter in return, and included this heartbreaking “before” photo of Montana and an incredible “after,” which you can see after the jump.

Thank you so much for putting Montana’s story out there so that everyone can see. She is so special to me and I find it comforting to see all the positive feedback that it’s been getting.

montana healthy2.jpg

Happy and healthy with her new mom

It feels good to know that there are so many people out there that
support adopting animals in need. I hoped that writing her story would
motivate more people to go out on a limb and adopt an animal that may
need special care.

If I, being a poor college student, can do it then
it’s possible for anyone. I have attached a before and after picture to
show the wonderful transformation Montana has gone through.

Again, thank you,
Kaci Deater and Montana

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