More animal rescue-themed tattoos!

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A while back I posted some photos of cool animal-rescue tattoos and asked you to send in yours. Well here are the results!

Kelly writes:

Lisa's arms.JPG“I saw the pictures of people’s rescue tattoos and definitely thought my friend Lisa from Athens, GA, should be added to the list. She is extremely dedicated to animal welfare and takes her rescue efforts very seriously — especially the spay and neuter part, as the photo shows! Thanks for letting me share and remember to always SPAY and NEUTER!”

From Kay:

“Here’s my contribution. It’s my dog’s actual pawprint. I took an ink pad and got his pawprint. I had the guy tattoo everything that came out on the piece of paper, even where his fur had smudged the ink.

“The pawprint is of my 11-year-old dog, Simba. I’ve had him since I was 10 years old. He’s the whole reason I got into rescue and I love dogs so much. He’s taught me so much and he’ll forever be a part of me, not only on my skin, but in my heart. Now I share my heart with three other rescued dogs and it’s all thanks to him.”

More pics after the jump!

pit tattoo.jpg
LorrieLuvsPitbulls says:

a dedication to the breed I love and the organization I helped to
found, I had this tattoo put on my arm. And it was done by one of
my rescue’s wonderful adopters, which makes it even more special. I love
it and have received many compliments on it!”

From Yvette:

“My tattoo was inspired by my two passions: dogs and my pet treat
bakery. My husband and I own Ann Arbor Biscuit Co., an organic and
all-natural pet treat bakery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My tattoo features
our rescued Pit Bull puppy named Millie and a spatula and whisk in a
crossbones motif.”

Diane represents for the cats:

“This is my guardian cat tat; inspired by years of working in animal rescue.”

From lady66:

“So now I’m deciding whether to add the word ‘Rescue’ or a rescue ribbon … I love my paws!”

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