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Member Spotlight: Special attention for pets with special needs


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Adoptable kitten Bubba-Lu is paralyzed, but he’s still a loving and playful guy

All animals are special. Some are extra-special, and have needs that go beyond the scope of normal pet care. For pets in loving homes, getting these needs met can be challenging at best. When these pets end up homeless, it’s often impossible.

Pets with Disabilities in Prince Frederick, MD, gives animals who have been injured through trauma or disabled by illness the time, care and attention they need — often for the first time in their lives.

The animals in their care include cats who are FIV-positive or blind and dogs who are deaf, paralyzed or missing a leg — and pets with just about every condition in between.

Not only does Pets with Disabilities nurture the pets in its care, it also lists adoptable special-needs pets for other shelters, rescue groups and veterinarians. The group also offers support to the families of these special pets, including advice on pet wheelchairs and an active message board.

Pets with Disabilities is more than a rescue and adoption agency — it’s a lifelong source of hope and support for the pets and their adoptive families.

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