Member spotlight: Training shelter dogs to help the deaf

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“Career Change” dog Sasha is up for adoption at Dogs for the Deaf.

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Dogs for the Deaf in Central Point, Oregon, selects dogs from shelters and rescue groups and
trains them to be Hearing Dogs.

The dogs are trained for four to six months at their
facility. Once a dog has completed training, the group does several days worth of
in-home training for both the dog and his or her new family to get everyone acclimated. Dogs for the Deaf
stays in touch with the family for life.

One of their clients describes her Hearing Dog:

“D.J. is my electric
blanket, my vacuum cleaner, my Activities Chairman, my alarm clock, my
protector, my significant other.” –Jane F.

Hearing Dogs are invaluable to the people who depend on
them, but what happens when a dog isn’t quite up to the task? They have a “Career Change“!

Dogs for the Deaf created this special
program for the dogs who are determined not to be suitable as service dogs. One example is Sasha (pictured): a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog/blue heeler mix who was released from training because some sounds scare her. Sasha and other Career Change dogs still make wonderful pets, and the group
works to place them into adoptive homes.

What a great way to make the rescue cycle come full circle! Check out Dogs for the Deaf on Petfinder.

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