Member Spotlight: Rehabbing the Vick dogs and helping all pits

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“Gentle, affectionate, curious” girl Kinzie is adoptable from BAD RAP

October 25 is Pit Bull Awareness Day, so in its honor, we’re highlighting a group doing amazing things for Pits: BAD RAP, which stands for Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls.

The San Francisco-based organization provides rescue services as well as extensive educational opportunities.

BAD RAP made national news last year when it was called in to evaluate 48 dogs from the Michael Vick case. Several groups stepped forward to foster the dogs, and 10 Pits came back to the Bay Area with BAD RAP. The dogs’ amazing progress is detailed in the group’s Vick Dog Blog.

In addition to its hands-on rescue work, BAD RAP offers a gamut of services to the local community as well as to animal welfare professionals. Most notably, it offers weekly Pit Ed classes to help educate the parents of these special dogs. According to the BAD RAP mission, Pit Ed participants “learn basic handling skills, dealing with breed traits and responsible ownership protocol.”

BAD RAP also provides dog safety classes for city employees who interact with dogs, coaching classes toward a Canine Good Citizen certificate, public outreach events and workshops at conferences for animal welfare professionals.

Visit BAD RAP on Petfinder.

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