If McCain and Obama were dogs, what dogs would they be?

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With the second presidential debate airing last night — and Sarah Palin still being compared to a pit bull — we were thinking: If John McCain and Barack Obama were dogs, what dogs would they be? So we scoured our dog breed directory to look for canines with characteristics that reminded us of the candidates. Check out our picks, then let us know what YOU think.

McCain: German Shepherd or Boxer?
german shepherd.jpg
German Shepherd: “[I]ntent on his mission, whatever that may be, and he is virtually
unsurpassed in working versatility. He is utterly devoted and faithful … excel[s] at jobs requiring courage, athleticism and intelligence … an intelligent and fearless companion and guardian. During World War I, he was the obvious choice for a war sentry.” (Learn more about German Shepherds here.)

boxer.jpgBoxer: “Inquisitive, attentive, demonstrative,
devoted and outgoing … he can be stubborn, but he is sensitive and responsive to commands … one of the first breeds to be employed as a police and military dog.” (Learn more about Boxers here.)

Obama: Border Collie or Great Dane?
border collie photo.jpgBorder Collie: “[A] bundle of mental and physical energy awaiting its chance to be
unleashed on the world. … He needs a lot of physical and mental activity every day to satisfy his quest for work. He enjoys being with his family … worked hard to gain the reputation of one of the smartest breeds of dogs.” (Learn more about Border Collies here.)

great dane.jpgGreat Dane: “[G]entle, loving, easygoing and sensitive … generally good with
children … powerful but
sensitive … makes a pleasant,
well-mannered family companion. [Has an] imposing yet graceful appearance.” (Learn more about Great Danes here.)