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Happy Tail: A ‘wild’ Chinese Crested puppy comes home


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Saffron Monsoon looks for a brother — on Petfinder, of course!

Lisa Hartman in Florida sent us this Happy Tail about the puppy she adopted from Crest-Care Inc., Chinese Crested Rescue, a rescue and foster-home network with members around the U.S. and Canada:

A few weeks ago I adopted my second dog found on Petfinder, a 7-month-old Chinese Crested I named Saffron Monsoon! I was originally interested in her brother and applied for him. But when Crest-Care heard I was a dog trainer they urged me to look at Saffy (then named Gladys). They said she was wild and could really use a trainer. I really didn’t want a “project” this time around, but over time I agreed to look at her.

Five long weeks later, after a string of emails, applications, vet checks and a home visit, I had passed the adoption process. I drove 2-1/2 hours to the chosen spot to meet her and her foster mom. I decided to give her a try.

Saffy is wild, and neurotically spins, probably from over-crating. (Her original owners couldn’t handle the active pups.) She was also not housetrained. But she is super cute, loyal, sweet and loves attention. Today is our three-week anniversary together, and she has only had two housetraining accidents and is a complete joy to have around! She fits in with our family perfectly.

Thank you, Petfinder for helping me find my newest best friend, and saving animals lives in the process!

Yours truly,
Lisa Hartman, Jay-J, and Saffy

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