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Happy Tail: Someone sees the beauty under the scars


GA-Montana-Deater.JPGMontana and her two siblings were ditched, literally, beside a road in Georgia.

The abandoned litter was taken to the Humane Society of Statesboro and Bulloch County where they were treated for mange and malnutrition. Montana was diagnosed with parvovirus as well and was placed in isolation. Fortunately, she survived.

The shelter posted her photo and description on Petfinder, but held out only moderate hope that she would be adopted. Her face was crusted over with a secondary infection from the untreated mange, and she didn’t have any hair to speak of.

But some people live by the conviction that beauty is more than skin deep. Such a person is Kaci Deater of Statesboro, Ga. She was looking for a pet to adopt on Petfinder and had looked at hundreds of listings. But she kept coming back to Montana.

“Her story and the fact that even though she was in discomfort and
pain, she still had a happy-go-lucky look on her face made me want to
adopt her, love her and give her the life she deserved,” Deater says.

E-mails flew back and forth between Deater and Montana’s foster mom, and in a few days, Montana had a new home with Deater.

“She is the most well-behaved, appreciative dog I have ever had,” Deater says. The scars on the young pup’s face are the only indication that she was
once sick and abused. Today she brings unconditional love and joy to
her new home.

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