Celebrate World Vegetarian Day, for the animals and the planet

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veggies.jpgToday, Oct. 1, is World Vegetarian Day. Consider giving up meat for this one

There are two reasons to be
vegetarian. First, a vegetarian diet shows compassion for animals, because most
farm animals are mistreated
before they grace your table. That’s reason enough
for many of us.

(My husband and I became
vegan about two years ago, which means we don’t eat any animal products. We also try to buy non-leather shoes and
handbags — although that gets problematic at times, so I’m kind of a compromised
vegan.) [Editor’s note: Joan and her husband look GREAT and are living advertisements for veganism–Emily]

There’s a common sense reason to
give up meat for a day, too. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization
has said that meat production accounts for nearly a fifth of global greenhouse
gas emissions
. Habitat destruction
associated with raising cattle and other animals for meat is also an

It would be good if more of us
found we could live without meat for a day — then one day a week — then maybe
more than that. So give it a try. As an
animal lover, and as an environmentalist, you’ll feel good about your decision.