Updates from Gulf coast animal shelters…

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September 1, 2008–Petfinder.com has reached out to animal shelters in the Gulf coast states to check on how they have fared during the Hurricane. We keep in touch with our partner-shelters to find out what they need and how the Petfinder.com Foundation can help. Here are some of the responses we got:

Shelter Update from Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue:

LA158.11624321-1-t.jpgFrom an LA shelter, thank you so much for the words of encouragement and offering of help. It means a lot to see everyone on their toes AHEAD of time offering help instead of waiting, both here locally and nationally.

We are in Baton Rouge and had very little damage during Katrina, even though there was flooding and wind damage all around us. We are staying to help others and evacuees staying with family here, as all the evacuation cities are south of us. We have most of our volunteers and even someformer adopters scheduled to come out on Sunday to clean all cages and carriers, label every carrier, cage, and rabbit (our rabbits are tattooed with “MHR” in the ear while under anesthesia for their spay or neuter), and write their names and our phone number in their ears with sharpies, just in case. We have all vet records printed and our few with health problems have backup meds stowed away, and thankfully our vet is close and is on call during all of this, and caring for quite a few evacuee pets at her facility. She has a generator and air condition in every room and has extended the invitation for us to board there if needed. Of course all of our gang will be kept inside for the storm, and the only damage we may see is trees/limbs falling on the roof. We have enough feed and hay to last 2 weeks, so we should be OK. Now the only question is, will our outdoor lean-to’s and hutches survive?
Thanks again for letting shelters be aware of the assistance available AHEAD of time, so that it’s not relying on word of mouth after the fact. As a rescuer and pet-slave, I greatly appreciate it.

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue

Shelter Update from Humane Society of South Mississippi:


As for the Gulf Coast of MS, we are moving along beautifully in regards to pet evacuations. Our pet friendly shelter opened Sunday at 6:00 PM. Coast Transit Authority is transporting folks to the shelter and we are assisting those who have pets.We also have a team assisting people loading buses to evacuate to Jackson. We have been evacuating adoptable pets for the last couple of days and will move our stray/court held animals to Jackson today.

To all those assisting LA; if the storm stays on track and we experience nothing more than tropical storm strength winds, we will be in a position to receive animals if it needed. My cell number is 228-669-8272.

For all who have called to check on us…God bless you!!!

Continue to keep the entire Gulf Coast in your prayers.

Warmest regards,

Tara High

Humane Society of South Mississippi



Shelter Update from St. John the Baptist Parish Animal Shelter:

Dogs and cats went today to the LASPCA, from where they will journey to new homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The total was 24 dogs and 14 cats. For the first time since I have been volunteering and working there, the kennels will be fully empty. The shelter is officially closed until after the Hurricane.

Thank you Catherine and all the wonderful people at the LASPCA in New Orleans!!!

Gerard Trigo ACO

St. John the Baptist Parish Animal Shelter

124 Water Plant Road

LaPlace, LA 70068

(985) 651-7387


Shelter Update from St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter: 


Pasado’s Rescue is on the ground in New Orleans in anticipation of Hurricane Gustav.  They are currently at the St. Bernard Parish Shelter evacuating our animals moving them to a 600 acre farm which will be used as a triage animal aid station.  They are in place to be first responders in the Parish once Gustav makes landfall.  

They need our help!  Please view the link below to find out what’s needed.