Petfinder and IFAW working on pet water rescues

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PetfindertrailerIke.jpgAs of Saturday morning, the International Fund for Animal Welfare had set up the Foundation’s emergency pet rescue van in lower Louisiana and was busily assisting the Louisiana State Animal Rescue Team with pet rescues in Louisiana.

At right: IFAW’s Emergency Relief Disaster Manager Dick Green steps out of the Animal Rescue trailer funded by Foundation. IFAW’s team has been designated to lead water search and rescue operations in a windy and rainy Calcasieu Parish, LA.

Below: Dick Green surveys flood-ravaged areas on Saturday, looking for abandoned pets in need of rescue.
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As the eye of Ike made its way North and daylight broke on Saturday, the extent of the flooding and damage became apparent. Hundreds of people who chose to ride out the storm at home began calling for help. By Saturday, the rescues of humans from Galveston and low-lying areas was done by helicopter–meaning pets would have to be left behind.
At right: A Rotweiller is rescued by IFAW from a flooded Louisiana town.
All photos: M. Booth/IFAW