Kudos for an unprecedented animal rescue effort for Hurricane Gustav

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September 2, 2008–Hurricane Katrina was a terrible disaster for pets in New Orleans. 281x200_spanky_first_respon.jpgBut not this time with Gustav. The Louisiana SPCA, Pasado’s Safe Haven, IFAW, Best Friends Animal Society, the Humane Society of the US and many other animal rescue groups coordinated with seamless cooperation and were able to affect a real difference for pets. The groups transported pets from shelters in the path of the storm to safer locations, housed pets whose owners couldn’t take the pets with them for whatever reason, picked up abandoned animals, coordinated lost and found efforts with pets and often didn’t leave the areas until the last minute because they were taking care of pets.

It’s still to early to proclaim a triumph, but, if you recall any of the aftermath of Katrina, you will agree that things went much better this time around. Kudos to all the groups who worked so well together for pets in the Gulf states. Thank you!
Your donations to the Petfinder.com Foundation will help shelters in the affected areas to get back on their feet after the storm. Thank you in advance for whatever you can give.