Houston SPCA, harbor in the storm

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2_21_ike_spca_cat.jpgAs the central shelter for pet evacuees and pet rescues from Hurricane Ike, the Houston SPCA has a full-house today. They are housing about 300 dogs, 400 cats, 60 horses and 40 other farm animals. The SPCA also has taken in wildlife including pelicans, falcons, owls, ducks and (a) bear, which is part of an animal cruelty case.
(At right, two kittens at the shelter.)

If you have lost or found an animal due to the storm, please use the SPCA’s Lost and Found Pet Tool.

The SPCA’s Animal Rescue Hotline number is 877-661-0161 or 713-861-0161

Read the SPCA’s “Ike Updates.”

Read FOX News.com’s story about the busy Houston SPCA shelter, coping with Ike refugees.