How to find homes for these (and other) hard-to-place cats?

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two kittens fixed.jpgBlack cats are hard to find homes for. So are pairs of cats. Also, adolescent cats. What happens when all three of those are combined? You get some very long-time fosters.

Friends of Homeless Animals in Hawthorne, NJ (where I found my special-needs cat, Gretel), has been fostering best friends Teddy, a 15-month-old black male, and Duffy, an 18-month-old male tabby, for many months now.

They are handsome and affectionate, bonded to each other and great with other cats, but are passed over time and time again for younger and more stand-out cats.

What suggestions do you have to make Teddy, Duffy and other hard-to-place cats more eye-catching to potential adopters?

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