Cute reader pet of the week: A cat wearing a tie!

Meg in Maine sends us this photo of her cat Bono in his tie (which, she swears, he loves!) and writes:

cat in a tie.jpgI adopted this little guy at The West Kennebunk Animal Shelter in Kennebunk, Maine. I was there donating my two Pomeranians’ surplus of dog toys and food when I decided to walk around and check out the cats.

My intent was only to play with them and to help the volunteers clean, but this little guy latched right onto me. In fact, he lept into my arms and started purring and giving me headbutts. I put him down to go help out in another cat room, and when I returned, he did the same thing.

I put him down to tend to another cat, and he crawled in my purse … I figured any cat with that good of taste in handbags was SURELY a keeper.

They said he was 8 years old, had a torn cornea and was missing all but six teeth. He’s in better shape now, and loves playing with the two poms
and the other cat. He is such a cool cat that I don’t even mind the
drooly headbutts at 5 a.m. when he wakes me for work.

I named him Bono,
and although I already have two dogs, a cat and a ferret, I’m not
sorry that I brought my little man home with me! He loves his tie, and
stealing dog toys — he knows he’s the boss — although my female
Pomeranian has a few things to say about that!

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