Crating Archie at night: He likes it, he really likes it!

archie3.jpgYesterday, Martha Stewart had Katherine Heigl on her show. Both of them have dogs (Katherine is a big adoption advocate and her dog Piper is a rescue).

I wasn’t fully paying attention, but my ears perked up when I heard Martha say her dogs always sleep in bed with her, and her dogs have never seen the inside of a crate.

I’ve had dogs ever since I left my parents’ home, and until I adopted Archie, all my dogs slept at the foot of my bed (including my 90-lb. chocolate lab, Pudgy). I had never considered crating a dog at night.

But by the time I was ready to adopt Archie, I was married to Ed. Ed already feels I take up too much room at night, and adding a dog to the mix would have been too much for him. So it was decided that Archie would be crated at night.

At first I felt really bad. But then I realized Archie doesn’t mind — in
fact, I think he likes it. I keep his crate door open during the day, and whenever he’s been very busy, or if we’ve gone for an extra-long walk,
he goes in there on his own and takes a nap. When it’s time for
bed, I take him outside for a minute, and when we come back in the house,
he heads straight for his crate and goes in. I think he likes the peace
and quiet. And, if I was going to be honest, I know I sleep better too.

already decided that Archie is a special little dog. But I’m wondering
if this behavior is also special. or if other pets actually like their
crates. If so, I wish I’d know when I had my past dogs. I might have
slept better … and they might have too!

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