Check out these animal-rescue tattoos (& send us yours)

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rescue tattoo.jpgMy friend Sandi has made her dedication to pit bulls and animal rescue permanent — check out this pic of her new tattoo.

Sandi has devoted her life to animal welfare: She works at NYC’s Bideawee shelter and, like me, volunteers at Animal Care & Control of NYC (she also runs a MySpace page for AC&C pets) — and now she’s got the ink to prove it.

Seems like there’s a link between caring about animals and getting inked — maybe because one you’ve realized how much homeless pets need your help, you’re changed for life anyway (check out the guys from NYC’s Rescue Ink and Atlanta pit bull rescuer Brandon Bond for a few examples).

A rescue-themed tattoo by Dogs Deserve Better founder Tammy Grimes is after the jump.

Got a great animal tattoo? Send it to me at “blog (at)” and I’ll post it here!

rescue tattoo2.jpgTammy Grimes, who campaigns against dog chaining, is also an artist, and has designed a “Rescue Angel” tattoo in dog, cat, and dog-and-cat versions. One inked-on example is at right, and you can see more tattoo pics here. (You can also order a temporary-tattoo version from Tammy’s site.)

Want some Petfinder temporary tattoos? The first 20 people who send me their address at “blog (at)” will get ’em in the mail!