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What’s That Mutt: Pit mix Bodie’s results are in!


Last week I asked you to guess the “mix” in our shelter rep Kathryn’s pit mix, Bodie. You offered up some great guesses, from lab to hound to purebred pit. Well Kathryn got her results from the Canine Heritage Breed Test, and the answers may surprise you! She says:

kathryn's dog3.jpgWhen I received Bodie’s DNA results, I was quite surprised. I was sent a certificate with all of the answers. The majority of Bodie’s DNA is pit bull terrier. There was nothing in his secondary.

But down the line in his mix is Rhodesian Ridgeback. I would have never guessed that. I did a Web search on the breed, and actually the back end of Bodie’s body is very similar. (See photos after the jump.)

Well, what do you think? Are you surprised? The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a type of hound, so commenter Ali had it right!


Here’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback from our breed guide. Bodie is at right. See the similarity in the rear end?
bodie on boat.jpg

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