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What’s That Mutt: Is that some Schnauzer I see?


Bingo3.jpgLike Skylar and Bodie, my mutt Bingo has had his DNA tested to determine what breeds are in his family tree. But before I tell you the results, what’s your guess?

Some background: I adopted Bingo from a rescue named C.A.R.E. in Bayonne, NJ, a little over two years ago. They had pulled him out of Associated Humane Societies, Inc. in Newark, NJ, when he was three months old.

He’d been at C.A.R.E. for six months (nobody wanted him!) when I stumbled upon his picture on Petfinder while searching for a Schnauzer mix (my previous dog, whom I’d lost a year earlier, was half Schnauzer).

CARE had given him the name Clarence. I went back to his profile about a half dozen times before calling. Finally we drove an hour and a half to Bayonne and saw him. He was curious and friendly and scared of the cats that were in the lobby area. Perfect! (We do cat rescue.)

We brought him home that day, went right to PETCO to get new toys and puppy shampoo, and headed home. He was scared of the grass (the places he’d lived were all pavement and cement everywhere) but finally adjusted to it.

He took almost six months to housebreak, but finally got it. Bingo is on medication for separation anxiety, but luckily I don’t have to leave him alone very often — working for Petfinder, I either work from home or take him with me to the office.

When I first played ball with him outisde, I would throw it and he would look at me like, “That was stupid. Now you have to go all the way out there to and get it.” But he eventually understood the game. He’s playful, happy as could be, gentle (he loves going next door and lying in bed with my neighbor’s severly handicapped daughter) and has a good amount of energy: He’s not off the wall and not a couch potato. He LOVES other dogs and his favorite game is playing tag with our cat Chewy. He is scared of many thing (a real wuss at heart), but he doesn’t give a brutal thunderstorm a second thought.

Bingo is going to turn 3 years old in September and he now weighs 26 pounds. I look forward to hearing your guesses!


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