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What’s That Mutt: Guess the breeds in my dog’s family tree


gail's dog.jpgI am the lucky owner of two shelter dogs and, like a lot
of people with dogs of unknown origin, I’ve always wondered, “What exactly are
my dogs made of?”

Well, now I know — at least about one of them. Meet Skylar, my
puzzle dog! Skylar was found as a puppy by animal control in southern Alabama. She was wandering
down the side of the road with no mom, siblings or owners in sight.

They picked
her up and she ended up in a shelter in Pensacola,
FL. From there it was just a
short time until she found her way into our home and our hearts, but we always wondered exactly what kind of dog breeds she came

Yesterday we got our answer! We had used the Canine Heritage Breed Test to take a sample of her DNA. It was really easy. We just got
the testing kit from them (
or your local Petco), swabbed her cheek and mailed in the DNA. Now we have a
certificate that tells us all about her.

But before I reveal the answer — what do YOU think she’s made of? There’s another photo after the jump.

gail's dog 2.jpg


Find out the results!

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