Tell us: Are your Petfinder pets cuter than these?

pit and kitten optimized.jpgI’m a big fan of, although naturally I think adopted pets are always cutest! Anyway, a while back I asked readers of our message boards for their cutest pet pics.

They didn’t disappoint. From this sweet scene of a pit bull with his feline friend to the cutie patooties after the jump, the pics posted to this forum will provide your daily dose of awwwwwww.

Got pics that are just as cute? Send ’em to me at “blog (at)” (and let me know where you adopted them!) and I just might post them here. And join our forums to check out more adorable photos.

cute kitten photo opt.jpg

This sleeping cutie was submitted by Zyrrie in Texas

boxer photo.jpg

Who says only puppies are cute? Linda W’s Dutchess is 12