Shelters for pets set up in Harrison county, MS

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th_IMG_4319.jpgAugust 31, 2008–The Humane Society of South Mississippi will provide a shelter from Hurricane Gustav for domesticated pets on the grounds of Harrison Central High School, at 15600 School Road north of Gulfport, MS starting at 6:00 pm today (Sunday, 8/31/08). The school will open a shelter for humans at the same time.

A society spokesman said pet owners who use the storm shelter for animals must:
–stay at the shelter for people inside the high school
–bring the pet in a kennel or crate
–provide the pet’s medical record
–provide enough food and water for each pet to last three days
–bring and use plastic bags for the pet’s waste
–bring a photo of the pet with the owner or some other proof that the pet belongs to the person
–provide the pet some attention and exercise while the owner and pet are in their shelters
–bring the pet’s microchip file, if available.

Pet owners will not be able to bring their pets into the high school.

The society also recommends bringing the pet’s toy or a favorite object.

Owners should follow signs on the high school grounds to reach the pet shelter and check with in with a representative of the humane society.