New Orleans: “Evacuate or You’re On Your Own”

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August 30, 2008–With forecasters predicting that Hurricane Gustav could strike New Orleans as early as Monday, New Orleans’ city leaders warned that anyone who failed to evacuate the city would find no government-provided shelter. Residents as well as tourists are being urged to leave the city as soon as possible.
More than 700 buses are being used to evacuate up to 30,000 people today, including the sick and elderly, who have no other means of transportation. The “city-assisted” evacuation is to be followed by a mandatory evacuation order over the weekend, depending on the storm’s progress. Trucks will be brought in to evacuate pets from the city, said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. urges evacuees to take steps to ensure their pets’ safety. Make sure to put identifying collars and tags on your pets, place pets in pet carriers with your pet’s name, your name and cell phone number on the top. You will need to have pets in carriers to be able to use “city-assisted” transportation. urges evacuees to take their pets with them when they leave.