Hurricane Alert: Gustav On the Move

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Friday, August 29: 1:00 PM EDT–Petfinder is tracking Hurricane Gustav on the WAPT-tv website. Gustav is forecast to hit the U.S. mainland sometime Tuesday morning as a substantial category 3 hurricane. Right now, forecasters are predicting landfall will be the Louisiana coast west of New Orleans, or the coast of Texas.13887116_80X60.jpg

In preparation for the predicted landfall, the Foundation and I.F.A.W. is readying our pet disaster & emergency van to the Gulf coast where they will provide assistance to shelters and pets affected by the hurricane. We will provide updates about the van as time goes by.
Before the hurricane hits, Petfinder urges residents in the storm’s projected path to get themselves and their pets ready in case of evacuation. Visit our Disaster Preparedness page, where you will find a Disaster Plan and a Disaster Plan Checklist and many other tips and tools to help ready your pets and your family for the storm.

Quick Tips for Disaster Preparation

— Prepare your disaster plan and review it with all your family members.

— Take photos of your pet with your cell phone. If you and your pet become separated, the pictures will help rescue groups reunite you more easily.

— Have a pet carrier ready for your pet in case of evacuation. You will need a carrier for safe transport in your car and for any public evacuation transportation. Also, emergency shelters will not take pets without carriers. Write the pet’s name and your cell phone number on the top of the carrier, in permanent ink.

— If you do have to evacuate, take your pet with you. We learned from Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Don’t risk your pet’s safety and life.

This blog post will be updated with fresh news and information as we get it.