To adopt or not? Two kittens come home!

cute kitten photo

I’m so happy! At long last, I got to the tipping point in my debate about whether or not to adopt a cat and whether to adopt a kitten (or two?) or an adult cat.

This weekend, after much searching on Petfinder, I finally took the plunge and adopted two unrelated kittens. I had been meeting various kittens and cats at adoption fairs and through their foster moms, but there was something totally magical about these two kittens’ online photos — and then, too, my meet and greets with them.

They were both from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, a local rescue group that keeps their cats in foster homes. My life has changed already — in many ways. For one, I am not so alone now. For another, I can’t get a solid night’s sleep (yet). When I leave work, I actually look forward to getting home as fast as I can and seeing the cats. And, I feel responsible for the cats — worrying about their happiness and their health.


Faith (pictured at right) is seemingly the older kitten (she’s taller than Hope). She’s lean and lanky and spotted with black spots on a fawn and somewhat orange body. She has black knee-highs and the tips of her considerably long ears have lynx-like black crests.

She had been fostered with three other kittens and three dogs in a lovely house in suburban Maryland. Her foster mom, Pat, was the kindest, gentlest person. She had fostered more than 100 animals in her time as a foster mom.

And, while she was obviously fond of Faith, she was gentle and firm about putting her in the cat-carrier when it was time to leave, and said her good-byes without too much emotion.

Faith came to me second, after Hope, and was not at all fazed about arriving in someone else’s home. She strode out of the carrier and, ignoring the curious sniffing of Hope, walked around the apartment, getting the lay of the land. Her tail was up and she seemed happy. Within five minutes of arriving, she and Hope were playing together, chasing each other, rushing from sofa-back to behind a chair, to under the dining room table. I was so relieved that they got along — and so quickly!
Hope (left) was the first cat I’d really been excited about. She was in a foster home with two sibling kittens and a 2-year-old cat. Her foster mom, Nikki, had her hands full with the three rambunctious kittens. This was her first experience fostering.
Hope came home with me first, on Saturday, when I picked her up at a local adoption fair where Nikki had all three kittens, Jesse and Jamie looking for homes and Hope, waiting for me. After filling out forms and paying Hope’s adoption fee, we went home to my apartment and spent the rest of the day bonding. She seemed relaxed by evening but wouldn’t come into my room — too many floor-length mirrors with scary-looking kittens in them, I think.
Now that Faith is home too, the girls are tearing around everywhere in my apartment. They are both affectionate and will cuddle and purr. But they love to be kittens and all that entails — wild dashes, wrestling matches, stalking and chasing each other. Who needs TV with kittens around?
I’m loving my new, vibrant, living home — a home with two new friends! Sure, I still (and always will) miss my dogs and my old life in North Carolina (that’s me, right, with Petey, my “problem dog,” back at my old house in Chapel Hill).

But now, with the kittens, I feel like I have a family again. And I’m looking forward to discovering the vast expanse of the human heart as it receives the kindness and love of two cats named Hope and Faith.