Nominate a Petfinder dog for the Obamas!

Obama dog photo

Pride is waiting for his forever home at Chicago Canine Rescue

I recently wrote about how Barack Obama reportedly promised his daughters a dog after the election. Since then, Best Friends Animal Society has gotten 45,000 signatures on its petition urging the Obamas to adopt.

Now we’d like you to nominate a Petfinder dog for the Obamas! Just leave a comment with a link to that dog and an
explanation of why you think he or she would be a good fit.

My candidate? Pride (right), an American bulldog-pit mix at Chicago Canine Rescue. Why? He’s from Chicago, like the Obamas. He’s a pit, so he knows what it’s like to be misunderstood. His last family lost their home — so he can help Obama stay in touch with the common person’s financial troubles. He misses being part of a family with small children. And Pride — you can’t ask for a more American name than that!

Oh, and we’re not endorsing Obama here, just pet adoption. Best Friends’ Michael Mountain put it best:

focused on the Obama family because of what they’d said. And we didn’t
feel a need to address this to the McCain family, since, with their 22
household pets, they clearly already have a place in their hearts for
companion animals. And since they already have a rescued mutt in the
family, that means that if John McCain becomes our next president,
there will indeed be a rescue dog going to the White House.