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What healthy foods do you AND your pets like?


banana.JPGLast month, we asked subscribers to our newsletter: What healthy human foods do you prepare for both you and your pet?

The replies ran the gamut from A
(steamed artichoke leaves) to Z (zucchini). Besides meats, raw carrots were mentioned most often.

for fruit, bananas were a favorite, although Cheryl C.’s potbellied
pig, Harley, loves to eat papaya. “I cut it in chunks and he eats it
with a smile on his face, smacking as he eats,” she writes.

Here’s another fun answer we received:

Kirby, our little Pomeranian mix, loves raw baby carrots. Our Chow Chow
tried them, only because she saw Kirby eating them with such gusto.
Afraid that she might be missing out on a good thing, she decided to
beg for one; she really, really tried to like it, but the faces she
made reminded me of a little kid trying to eat Brussels sprouts. Just
too funny! But
she at least tried a healthy snack; that’s more than I can say about my

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