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To adopt or not? Still looking for the perfect match


Manx kitten

Last night, I left work early-ish and drove to meet one of
the kittens I was considering for adoption: Chloe,
a bobtailed Manx tabby at Homeward
Trails Animal Rescue
in Arlington,

I got lost seven times trying to negotiate the spaghetti labyrinth of Beltway
and feeder highways in Maryland,
but finally got to the lovely home of Chloe’s foster mom.

Talk about dedication: this woman has three adopted dogs (who were fosters
before their new lives as family members), and she’s fostering four kittens,
including Chloe. 

I told the foster mother I was impressed with her menagerie,
and asked her if she often fostered animals. “I’ve fostered over 100
animals so far,” she smiled.

She is just one of the army of dedicated, generous, devoted
people on Petfinder who work ceaselessly to rescue pets from shelters in rural
areas, or to foster and show adoptable pets every weekend at pet stores and in
their homes. I met many of the soldiers this weekend as I rushed hither and
yon, looking for “the right cat.”

Some background: On Sunday I’d gone to the two PetMAC adoption centers, which sell pet food
and supplies to benefit Homeward Trails, and witnessed the arrival of a
transport of adoptable cats from West
. But none fit my distinct sense of
“who” I was looking for. I realized no cat could possibly be relaxed
enough in the unfamiliar atmosphere of a retail shop to communicate to a
stranger. Still, I was sure that there was someone special, waiting somewhere
for me. I just had to keep looking.

In the afternoon, I drove to Chloe’s foster mom’s house —
but realized when I got there that I had lost my cell phone and I couldn’t summon
anyone to the door. So I retraced my steps, driving back to all the locations I
had visited in the day, looking underneath parked cars, in gutters, at the
stores, in the bottom of my car … no phone. To make a long and dull story
shorter, let’s just say that I had to get the cell service turned off on the
one phone and then had to buy another one at full retail price and get it
turned on — and by then, I was discouraged and tired.

When I at last met Chloe, yesterday, I found her to be
beautifully-marked, delightfully playful — but not particularly interested in
me. Why should she be, with her kitten-mates and barking dogs and a whole house
to explore?

She is adorable, and yet … I keep thinking I ought to
rescue a grown cat who doesn’t have as much curb-appeal as a playful kitten. I
went home and started searching Homeward Trails listings on Petfinder again,
this time for a young or adult cat. Such as Sassy.
Or Kitty

Maybe, with adopting a less-likely-to-be-adopted cat, I can
become a private in the underground army of pet rescuers. I would be so very
honored to join their ranks!

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