To adopt, or not? Getting closer …

cute kitten
This past weekend, I got closer to adopting living, breathing creatures, bringing them into my fairly sedate and austere life.

I had searched Petfinder for weeks and had found two kittens I thought would be fun to share my life and apartment with: Hope (right) and Jesse (below). They were both being fostered by Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, Inc. in Arlington, VA, where I now live.

cute kittenWhy them? I don’t exactly know except that I had had a cat named Sooty
when I was growing up and she was a tabby like Hope and Jesse.

there was something about the faces of the two kittens, angular and
small, with big ears and almond-shaped eyes. It seems totally insane to
“pick” an animal based on their color and the shape of their eyes, but
that’s what I did. (I knew I would meet them in person before anything
was final, so doing a pre-sort was not only practical but also

I downloaded the application to adopt from Homeward Trails, filled
it out and sent it in. Within a day, I got an e-mail back from Shana,
who said she’d gotten my application and wanted to talk to me about the
kittens. I suggested Friday night. She countered with Saturday, and,
thinking (as usual) only about myself, I said how about 7 p.m. on

When Shana called me at 7 p.m. on Saturday, I noticed the phone sounded funny — echoing and clipped. I asked her where she was calling me from and she said, “Moscow.” She had recently moved there for her work in International Health, but was still running Homeward Trails, long-distance.

She was very warm and interested in my adopting cats with her group. She told me that Homeward Trails is 100% volunteer and that they try to get cats and dogs out of open-access rural shelters in places like West Virginia, southern Virginia, and North Carolina. She told me that Hope and Jesse were being fostered together although they were not from the same litter or shelter. But she said that Jesse was in foster care with his brother and they were quite bonded. Perhaps, she suggested, I could look at some other kittens?
VA210.10737144-1-x.jpgInitially, I was disappointed. It had been hard narrowing down my choices to Hope and Jesse. But then I thought about how many kittens there were in the whole wide world. Of course I could consider some other kittens. Shana came up with Jake, an all-black kitten. She asked if I knew that black cats were the hardest cats to find forever homes.

“Why?” I asked.

“Superstition,” she told me. “Most black cats up for adoption get euthanized.”
Chloe Manx kitten.jpgI am superstitious, but not a total dolt. Things like the color of a cat don’t bother me and of course I would be glad — honored — to consider the sweet little black kitten she suggested.
And there was also Chloe, a bobtailed Manx tabby. CUTE!

So next Sunday, July 6, I’m going to get to meet Hope and Chloe
and Jake at an adoption event and we’ll see what develops between us. I wish I could have
all three. Five. 10!

I am so much looking forward to
having cats back in my life — no matter what sort of dire, negative
the property manager might make, or the scorn my mother
dumps on my animal instinct to be close and bonded to creatures not
I’ll take pictures at the adoption fair. Stand by for more news …