Teen voice: Petfinder’s amazing influence

horse photo

Mort, a 28-year-old rescued horse, is a friend of Kristen’s

Kristen Powers, 14, is the daughter of Petfinder VP Ed Powers. She is the founder of the environmental group Green Teen Clubs.

I was recently working as a counselor-in-training for Piedmont Wildlife
in Chapel Hill, N.C.

It amazed me at the dedication kids there have for learning how they can
respect and learn about the nature around them.

These kids, ages 4 to 11, have a desire to
learn about anything and everything related to animals. Watching them was
brilliant because I knew that I could make a difference in their lives.

While I was at the summer camp, I was carrying my
Petfinder.com lunch bag. A little girl in my group came up to me and looked at
my lunchbox. Suddenly, her eyes popped and she exclaimed, “I have that same
lunch box. Petfinder is awesome!” It’s always a wonderful feeling to know
that Petfinder has not only reached people looking to adopt, but it is
helping to mold the way young children are seeing animal adoptions.

This is why I am so thankful for Petfinder. It has been instrumental in
educating the public about adopting animals from shelters. It’s also reducing euthanasia rates, educating about
spay/neuter programs and warming the hearts of the American public to the
adorable animals who desperately need homes.

It’s sometimes hard to know how to combine teaching animal
welfare and nature, but when kids are exposed to the positive side of both
causes at a young age, it makes the challenge seem less daunting. Thank you
Petfinder — you have made it easier for people to make the world better for all