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Mutts of the stars: Lily Allen to adopt!


lily allenTo add to the list of celebrities who support pet adoption: British pop singer Lily Allen posted on her MySpace blog on Monday about her plan to adopt a dog.

She writes:

I’m getting a dog from Battersea dogs home, i
found her on the weekend, and after a visit from a rehoming officer
hopefully, i’ll have her by next week. She’s called Honey and she’s
quite fat (insert dogs like their owners joke here), but very sweet,
she’s a mongrel.

There were so many Staffordshire Bullies there it was
so sad. People should really think about getting puppies from breeders
or breeding them for that matter, if you saw all those poor dogs
without a home with their sad little faces, you wouldn’t even think
about buying dogs from people who profit.

Hooray for Lily! A celebrity who saves a life by adopting a pet is a real star in my book!

PS-Here’s a recent photo of Lily with a decidedly mixed-breed-looking dog; no word on whether it’s Honey.

anyone who’s ever complained about an adoption group’s screening
process, take heart in the fact that even the rich and famous get home

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