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A cat with many missing parts, but who’s all heart


cute catMy most-recent addition (and Petfinder alumna!) has not had an easy life. Adopted from Friends of Homeless Animals of Northern NJ, 10-year-old Gretel is missing an eye and part of an ear, is FIV positive and had been shifted through several homes due to unforeseeable tragedies. 

Gretel joined my senior-focused household in March and shares the space with a tabby named Lucy (adopted at the age of 18) and a 13-year-old German Shepherd mix named Dexter (adopted at age 10).


While Gretel seemed to fit in seamlessly (she LOVES Dexter), something was brewing underneath. Her blood work kept coming back anemic and finally two ultrasounds determined she had mast cell tumors in her spleen. Shortening a very long story, off we went to see the fine folks at NYC Veterinary Specialists.

Gretel Belly.jpgAfter Gretel had consultations with the oncology and surgical departments
(and did all three bodily functions in the car while driving through the
Lincoln Tunnel), she had her spleen removed on Thursday. 

The surgery went off seamlessly and she’s ready to come home by Friday evening. She’s back to eating like a horse and harassing her cat-sister. While we’re still waiting on further test results to come in, so far all looks well.


being down an eye, an ear, an immune system and a spleen, Gretel takes
it all in stride and is just happy to have a home with a windowsill
where she can people watch.
She even wanted to show off her splenectomy incision for the camera.
Senior pets are the best!

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