Helping homeless dogs in Chile


dogs in chileThe amazing photographer and travel writer Lorraine Chittock blogs about her travels across South America with her two dogs at On a Mission from Dog.

She also sends out regular e-mail updates about her adventures, and recently reported on some positive news for street dogs in Chile:

I’m now in the north of Chile, camping by the Pacific Ocean. It’s glorious. It’s also a refreshing change to be amongst the Chilean people, who I found friendly when I flew here almost two years ago for a writing conference. They have not changed. What’s interesting is their relationship with their dogs. At the first gas station I came to, there were six street dogs, all very friendly. In other countries, they’ve largely been scared. One man said to me, “We have a saying. Sometimes a better friend for a man, is a dog.”

Like other Latin American countries, there are plenty of dogs (both owned and street dogs) who are loose, running around the streets, despite the fact that the traffic here is faster here than in Bolivia. However, the street dogs are friendlier, and not so timid — a result of the people who put out bowls of water and food for them.

In Santiago the capital, the government implemented a plan a few years back so that people in the poorer areas of town can have their animals castrated for free! Why don’t more countries adopt this rather obvious plan?

Until next week, and ever after, I hope all is well in your lives!

best, Lorraine