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Happy Tail: Lovebirds go from hoarder to happy home


Here’s a fine, feathered tale from Margaret and
Jeff in New York:

birds.jpgWe found Petfinder after seeing a commercial on
Animal Planet. We put in our information and selected two lovebirds that were at Companion Critters, Inc., in Clark, N.J.

We later found out that they had been rescued from a
hoarder’s house, and it made us even more inclined to give these birds the
happy home they deserve.

Let me tell you, they are spoiled rotten now. They
have a bird pool connected to their cage and all the fresh fruit and veggies
they could want. We keep one of those musical birthday cards next to their cage
because they just go crazy when they hear the song “The Chicken
Dance” when it’s opened.

We named them Sweet Pea and Mister Mister. They were identical and now, after having them with us for four months, we know who is who!

Sweet Pea is the shy one and is consistently tearing paper. She loves printer paper and bites off a piece from one side to the other (like a typewriter) and sticks the piece under her wing.

Mister Mister is outgoing and will take the paper from my hand and do his cuttings. He is also the first to talk to you when anyone comes in the house. He gets so excited when he hears the front door open. He loves new voices.

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