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Happy Tail: A blind dog helps her owner see the light


Adopter Wendy Roy writes:

schnauzer puppy photoI have a new love in my life. Her name is Stella.

Being a Glam-Granola girl, I have always
believed in rescuing a dog as opposed to the breeder and pet store options — the
whole “Don’t breed or buy while homeless animals die” philosophy. 

So when I was ready, I went straight to
Petfinder and looked for dogs in my zip code that matched my criteria. Up came my “options,” one being a Schnauzer mix named Stella who
was 5 years old and blind.

After double checking on some logistics
via a few questions to the rescue group, American Lab Rescue in Willington, CT, it was a no-brainer. She was mine to rescue, and I hers.

Since I picked her up two months ago I’ve barely put her
down. It boggles my mind to think
that I could have missed out on this amazing relationship if I rejected her due
to her blindness.

Now, I must say, having a disabled pet is not for
everyone. In fact, you are so kind
should you help them find a great home if you know that you just can’t take
care of them yourself. That alone is quite
the good deed. And, if you do have it in you (and you know who you are) it is
unreal. What a bond, and an elevating experience. I wouldn’t trade my precious Stella
for anything.

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