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Adopt a Yankee doodle doggie!


pit bullHappy 4th of July! This Independence Day, you can do a good deed by telling someone you know that their ideas about pit bulls are all wrong — and that these loving, loyal, happy dogs were once considered symbols of all-American values.

(You can find more information on this Web site, which also has a great gallery of vintage pit bull photos and prints, including the World War I-era poster at right, and in our breed directory.) 

This holiday weekend comes on the heels of some sad news about one pit bull: A female pit named 7, one of the dogs seized from Michael Vick’s property, died recently after being hit by a car (read the press release from All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue in Atlanta, which had been caring for 7).

But dogs’ lives are not defined by their final moments, and I’m glad to know that 7 got to experience love and happiness for some portion of her life.

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